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In Plein Air

Capturing a scene in the out-of-doors teaches me to discover beauty close to home and far away. With the art supplies I can carry, I choose locations where a painting can be completed in a few hours. I set up my easel outdoors and paint "ala prima," laying down a scene with quick broad, colorful brush strokes The light and weather don't remain consistent, so these paintings are generally done in one session. I often add final touches to my work once I return home.

Brown House
18" x 18"
Magnolia in Volunteer Park, Seattle
8" x 10"
Cactus Bloom
9" x 12"
Lobster Dinghies
12" x 16"
Light and shadows move quickly across the mountains
14" x 11"
Christmas Cactus
8" x 10"
Summer light on the dry fields outside of Bend, Oregon
8" x 6"
Pike Place Market
38" x 37"